18 Christopher Azevedo
18 Christopher Azevedo
Height: 5'6
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Newark, NJ
High School: Hillside
Position: Midfielder

Name: Christopher Azevedo

Hometown: Hillside, NJ

High School: Hillside

Height: 5’6

People who have influenced him the most: His coaches and family

Favorite Athletes: Ronaldo and Joao Mountinho

Favorite Sports Movie: Goal! The Dream Begins

Favorite Sports Team: FC Porto

His favorite thing about being a student-athlete at Berkeley College: Experiencing a lot of things he didn’t experience in high school as an athlete

His ideal pre-game meal: Cold cut sandwich with a water of a juice

If he could invite three guests to dinner, they would be: His mother, his father, and his uncle

What does he feel are the most important keys for TEAM SUCCESS? Communication and trust

What are his expectations of himself for this season? To help the team as much as he can, and to score a few goals

What are his expectations of his team for this season? He expects his teammates to help one another out, and to give 100 percent in every game and practice